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Leo Jones 21h
Ik a lot of women are happy today and ik a lot are sour too 😂😂 hey if you don’t have a valentine now the perfect time to get closer to god. Make him your valentine. #frfr
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The ZUCC 19h
Just got in a car crash headed to hospital in ambulance. #asiandrivers
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M.C. 17h
Replying to @Jerkson91
I told the people behind me at the AVs game he would prob give them a point
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DavidHatezYou Feb 14
CBD saves lives
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Emma Feb 12
My muscles are a little embarrassing
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Boozie Feb 11
Someone send me a box of chocolates
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CSB--NoOtherLikeMe♡ Feb 12
I really do hate him though
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Mrs L A Williams-Holt 24h
Replying to @vicbell1982
Fifty shades of filth the workout is called 😂😂😂😂
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Reality Junkie 5h
Replying to @cvaldary
I💗the way you're assertive, but not confrontational & really want to inspire dialogue between both sides. You seem to be one of the only political pundits who is able to articulate a stance that isn't offensive & is understandable. When can we elect you for president?
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morethanagame66 Feb 9
Replying to @Playing_Pasts
It took an hour to find a pub. Sounds like a punchline to a joke
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Eva Gerrits 24h
Happy Valentine’s Day to the person I talk to the most, my business partner. #StartupLife #business @energetekbiz
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Maria Rodriguez 3h
If you need something to clear your senses, get the Sweet and Spicy Mango Stir Fry from @CrispKitchen #sogoodtho
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Sarah Garrett 15h
Replying to @IamSandraOh
I think I’ve watched this trailer about 50x today... #evanelleforever
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Dan Nordstrom Feb 14
Replying to @tracifrost1976 @DonaldJTrumpJr and 2 others
@TheEconomist Global Food Security Index. US is #3 for quality and safety.
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F R A N C É S Feb 12
When I say “jah will provide” trust me it’s
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Opelo Feb 9
It's refreshing to finally see some competition for the NFL that's not a joke. Not bad for their first week. #AAL
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mr cool epik preist Feb 11
So my town is deciding to crucify this lunatic LOL #crucify #legit
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Lills Feb 11
One time I went out to lunch w/ my BFF & we talked abt Rock of Love with Bret Michaels the entire time. That was more than a decade ago & I’m still ashamed. #weareeducatedwomen #iknowiknow #1980s #hairbands
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babaDEE Feb 12
Replying to @ojimaojo @Twitter and 3 others
The way I love @ritadominic no wonder am not married at 40.waiting on my luv.
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nicklebot💡 Feb 9
wow watch me do a series of these
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